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Cash payment in the car

You can pay cash in Belarusian currency in the car at the end of your trip. The driver will give you a fiscal receipt. If you need a receipt indicating the route and date of trip, the driver will give you a receipt with our company details and seal. If this payment method is the most convenient for you, then choose "cash" payment method on our website. We recommend that you always keep your receipt until the end of your trip. The receipt is the guarantee of your rights!

Bank card payment in the car

In our cars you can pay by credit or debit card of international systems VISA (all kinds), MasterCard, Maestro, American Express issued by any bank of the world. We also accept contactless payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay). The driver will give you a card cheque with a fiscal receipt.

Cashless payment method

We provide a cashless payment method for transfer services for our partners. We work with 20% VAT. We provide all necessary documents for financial statements.

Settlement options:

  • 100% prepayment of the invoice amount according to the agreed transport service request;
  • Post-paid service at the end of the month on the basis of the certificate of works performed;
  • On a deferred-payment basis by prior agreement.

Bank card payment on our website

  1. You need to fill out a transfer order form on our website www.onlinetaxi.by.
  2. When filling out the order form, choose Online payment method
  3. Place an order
  4. We will check the data you entered and send to your e-mail an order confirmation and a link to the WebPay payment system to make your payment for the transfer service.

  5. Then you can click on the link and make the payment.
  6. The WebPay secure server will establish an encrypted connection via the TLS secure protocol and confidentially accept from the client the data of his/her payment card (card number, holder's full name, expiration date, and bank card check number CVC/CVC2). Onlinetaxi.by does not collect or store any confidential data of the payer (card details, registration data, CVV2/CVC2 code), their processing is fully protected, and no one can receive your personal and bank data.

    As soon as we see your money in our current account, we will send you a notice of payment receipt (card cheque).

    The cards of international systems VISA (all types), MasterCard and Maestro issued by any bank of the world are accepted for payment.

    After making a payment using a bank card, it is necessary to save the received card cheque (payment confirmation received from www.onlinetaxi.by) in order to confirm the operations performed in case of disputable situations).

Description of transfer cancellation procedure

If the order is cancelled, the amount paid is returned in the following cases:

  • 100% of the amount if the order is cancelled on the day of payment, but no later than 24 hours before the trip;
  • 80% of the amount if the order is cancelled the next day after payment, but no later than 24 hours before the trip;
  • 50% of the amount in all other cases.

In case of a disputable situation, please contact our Customer Support Team by phone +375-44-55-33-570 WhatsApp  Telegram  Viber or send us an e-mail at E-mail: info@onlinetaxi.by.