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Distance from "Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya" to city center 5 km
Distance from "Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya" to Airport Minsk-2 47 km

Belarus has a lot of health resorts all over the country. As a rule all of them are situated in picturesque places beside a river, a lake or in the woods.

Health resort Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya is a great place where you can have a rest and take care of your health. There are qualified doctors and specialists in Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya health resort as well as a number of programs and procedures for people that need treatment.

Our company has been providing transfer service to Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya health resort for many years. You can order a car, a minivan or a minibus to the health resort Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya.

You can order a transfer to Reabilitacii-i-balneolecheniya health resort from Minsk or Minsk National Airport 24/7. As soon as you place the order on our website, you will receive the answer right away! Besides, we are always online via messengers.

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