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How to place an order correctly

To place a transfer order, first choose the trip direction (menu on the left).

Then choose the address and place your order.

After that you will receive the confirmation email. You should reply to this email saying that you accept the order.

Meeting of the clients at the airport.

The confirmation email says that you will be met at the airport in the arrival area.

Our drivers track each flight and meet guests with nameplates. Sometimes the passengers come to the sector different from the one indicated on the departures board. In that case we recommend to contact us via messengers (there is a free WiFi at the airport) or go to the arrival area indicated on the departures board (the airport of Minsk is very small and it will take you several minutes to go to the next sector). As a rule, 99% of passengers come to the sector indicated on the departures board.

Payment Methods

We've got different payment methods: cash, credit card in the car and online payment on our website. For more information click "Payment" in the Menu.

Ordering transfer in advance

We recommend to place an order as soon as you get the information about your your flight, but not later than 1 day before your trip. In that case the trip will be planned in advance. If your trip is spontaneous and you had no time to place your order in advance, send us a message or call us and we will do our best to arrange transfer for you!